Lessons & Training

Beginner Riding with Buck Kalinowski

horselessonsFocus is put on understanding the horse from the horse’s perspective. Learn how to be safe around any horse. Lessons begin “on the ground”, learning how to safely control and move the horse (mentally and physically) with proper body language, horse psychology, and simple, but effective tools. All which translate to effective, safe riding, and the good habits of feeling for the horse, which will result in much more success and pleasure than heavy handedness and force. Hillside’s teaching starts bareback first. Riders learn to balance on the horse’s back and gently ask the horse to walk, then turn, whoa and then onto the trot. Private or group lessons – $50 , $45/hour, half hour lessons also available. Ask about our packages!

We also offer mini-groomers! Kids, (with adult supervision), can rent any of our miniature ponies or donkeys and lead them to the grooming barns to groom them or give them a bath. Take them out to graze and enjoy the time with them! A great way to start the animal and child bonding process. Come and enjoy the fun….$20.00 an hour!


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