About Us

Hillside Equestrian Meadows is a diverse community catering to the needs of horses and riders of all experience levels, English or Western.  Our 90-acre property is located in the Wolcott, Connecticut and is easily accessible from Interstate 84.

We are a boarding facility that includes on-site management, a 90′ x 200′ indoor riding arena with two heated observation rooms, two lighted outdoor rings, three jump fields and miles of scenic exercise trails. We pride ourselves on having expert instructors and knowledgeable staff along with quality horses of all levels for sale, lease or lessons. We even have an on-site tack store for your convenience.

Hillside Equestrian Meadows is also the home to Cupid and Arrow, subjects of the book “CUPID’S SECRET” written by Hillside’s owner, Buck Kalinowski. Cupid’s Secret is an amazing story about a rescued horse with a heart on her forehead that gives birth to a colt with an arrow on his butt. It tells a story of love and compassion, and teaches a lesson of hope and enlightenment.

Cupid’s Secret is the 2016 Teacher’s Choice Award winner from the Learning Magazine.

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